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Here is How we Work Our Wizardry!

Each project goes through the following phases:


We will ask a series of questions so we can understand what you need in a new website and what you want to achieve. Once we have the answers to these questions, we can create a plan for your project.


With the information from the Analysis phase, we will develop a wireframe to outline the website’s page layout and the functionality it needs. We can then begin organizing graphics, and add text and images for the first Home page design.


We start with the basic structure and functionality of the website. We begin with the Home page, and use this as the first example on our test server for your review. There is then some back and forth between us where we iron out the details.


Once you approve the Home page design, we begin work on content. The right content is key to tying everything we’re doing together to achieve your goals. The text, pictures, and videos you provide need to be carefully combined for optimal success. Or, we can help you create content. We have expert writers and designers on our team who can create fabulous content for you!


Once we have everything completed and approved, our Development Team starts building the site. In this phase, we combine the Home page approval, design plan and content. This is when your website truly begins to take shape as we create the rest of the pages of the website.

Testing & Deployment

When development is complete, our team tests to ensure everything is working as it should. Once we finish testing, you have an opportunity to review and provide feedback. This is an iterative process until you are completely happy with the results. Finally, your website is ready to go live! We will continue to help with any last minute changes for 30 days after launch, just to make sure you are taken care of.